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Moles (Talpa Europaea)

The mole can appear almost over night and destroy your prized lawns, pitches, parkland, farmlands and golf course fairways.

This little creature has proven to be a difficult pest to get rid of due to its great sense of smell - any disturbances and it’s off. Remember it can dig itself out of trouble very quickly.

The unsightly mole hills can be a nuisance and hard to repair to its original surface looks. The mole is a solitary mammal and hunts for its favourite food the earthworm.

The mole digs out several tunnels and waits for unsuspecting earthworms to fall into its tunnels which it patrols at an alarming rate to catch its prey. The mole is some 12 - 16cm long with black velvet fur and large forefeet designed for digging. Moles are rarely seen above the surface. They usually have one litter per year between Feburary and June.

The use of scissor or barrel traps has proven very successful but gassing is the prefered + effective method of control.

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