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Commercial Pest Control
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Health & Safety Legislation, Food & Non Food businesses are required by law to remain Pest Free

We offer a wide range of services which encompass all business sectors, from Hotels and Restaurants to Offices, Schools and Nursing homes. Anything from a one off treatment to a pest prevention service contract. We are here to offer help.

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If you are not happy or just think it’s that little too expensive we are happy to provide a free of charge alternative quote. No matter which sector you are in we can help. Whether you are a Hotel, Pub, Bar, Cafe or Restaurant the most valuable asset you have is your reputation.

Rats, Mice, Flies and Insects present a real risk to not only the health of your clients but your reputation and your income. If you get a problem you want it dealt with quickly, discreetly and efficiently, give us a call. Our annual contracts can be tailored to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients.

A Pest Control Contract will not only protect the health & safety of your employees, it will also protect your reputation. Don’t be liable for prosecution!

Pest control Contracts

Pest Prevention Contracts will assess each clients needs and tailor the service to fit that requirement. A wide range of businesses and even large domestic properties can have peace of mind that our service will not only prevent pests but ensure they comply with the law.

Pest control Contracts

Eliminate your worries and leave pest control in the hands of experts.

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Lettings/Estate Agents

Looking after someone’s property is a large commitment and when it goes wrong you need to be sure that the company you contract on your clients behalf will provide the high standards you expect. Ace has extensive experience in this market. From Wasp nests to Rat or Bed Bug infestations.

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Supply & Fit of Commercial Fly Screens

Our Door & Window fly screens have mitred corners and a flat smooth face that make them unobtrusive and easy to clean. With specially tailored sub - frames these screens can be fitted over many different types of windows and openings.

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Electronic Fly Machines

Flies may seem like a nuisance, but they can also threaten your business. Live or dead flies can be particularly problematic for food preparation industries and commercial kitchens. Attracted by the food, flies can spread bacteria and cause disease.

Ace Pest Control Ltd offer a variety of electric fly killer units including electric killing grids and a variety of sticky board units. These units can be purchased, hired or maintained.

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EU Legislation

Constantly changing EU directives together with current Health & Safety At Work Legislation creates an ever changing scenario within which your businesses must operate especially in terms of permissable levels of infestation and pest presence.

Ace Pest Control Ltd undertakes to remain current on all legislation and to pass this on to our customers. Our priority is to you and to advise you in the best manner possible to save you money and to protect your business from avoidable costs, downtime or even closure.

Our approach to Health & Safety is unrivalled, earning us recognition with Local Authorities and numerous blue chip companies.

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Food Safety Act 1995

This Act requires food premises or businesses to practice high standard of food safety in many different areas. Generally, food premises must be constructed so that there is no cross contamination by pests. In rooms where food is prepared, treated or processed, windows which can be opened into the outside environment should be fitted with insect proof screens. Refuse stores must be designed and managed in such a way to enable them to be protected against pests. In all food premises adequate procedures must be in place to ensure pests are controlled.

Public Health Act 1936 - 1961

Local Authorities are given powers and responsibilities with regard to verminous premises. In the 1936 Act Vermin is given the following meaning: "In its application to insects and parasites including their eggs, larvae and pupae". Among other provisions a local authority may serve notice for destroying or removing vermin. Provision is also made for the use of fumigation for destroying vermin. Local authorities have the power to serve notices to remove material or rubbish.

Prevention of Damage By Pests Act 1949

Every local authority is responsible for securing, as far as possible, that its district is free from rats and mice. To carry out periodical inspections of their areas, including agricultural land.To destroy rats and mice on land occupied by the authority.
Where a local authority or port health authority has reason to believe that rats are threatened by or infected with plague or are dying in unusual numbers they must take measures to destroying all rats in their district and to prevent rats from gaining entry into buildings.

Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

This Act places responsibilty and duties on employers, manufacturers, employees and others with the regards to health, safety and welfare of people at work, protecting other people against risks to health and safety arrising from activities of people at work, controlling and keeping and use of dangerous substances and preventing their unlawful aquisition, prosession and use.

Where reasonably practical it will pay particular attention to the provision and maintenance of:
(i) A safe place of work, safe access to it and safe egress from it;
(ii) Plant, equipment and systems of work that are safe;
(iii) Safe arrangements for the use handling, storage and transport of articles and substances;
(iv) Sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to enable all
(v) Employees to avoid risk and contribute positively to safety and health at work;
(vi) A healthy working environment;
(vii) All employees have a responsibility to exercise personal care and attention for the safety of themselves and others and to co-operate with their employer in the excution of this policy.
(viii) In the discharge of this responsibility employees shall: - perform their duties in a safe manner and pay particular attention to Sectional safety Procedures;
(ix) Report all accidents and injuries to their supervisor as soon as possible;
(x) Obtain adequate treatment as soon as practicable if injured;
(xi) Report all defects in equipment and protective clothing and protential hazards to their Supervisor;
(xii) Assist in the investigation of injuries and accidents;
(xiii) Observe all safety rules of the board.