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Cockroaches London

Ace Pest Control Ltd professional team within London and will use the most effective insecticides to fight against cockroaches or any problem related to them. Our methods include: residual spray treatments as a result of which there will be a broken life cycle of an insect with an insect growth regulator and gel treatments which can be used in cracks and crevices to ensure no further outbreaks.

The most common pests which can infest London houses, food service establishments are cockroaches. Those insects can easily transmit diseases especially bacteria which can be a result of the food poisoning. Cockroaches like to live near warm and damp places with the access to any types of food.

Nowadays there are two species of cockroaches which are widespread throughout London areas and all over England. They are the Oriental cockroach or another name of it is a black beetle and the German cockroach. Those two species of cockroaches can be easily identified by the qualified London staff of cockroach control.

Cockroaches to some extent are hazardous to human’s health because they can transmit salmonella bacterium and can be a result of the extensive food poisoning. Both species explained shortly above can also damage leather goods, clothing, literature etc. Contact our London cockroach team now.

ACE PEST CONTROL LTD are an exceptionally capable and expert cockroaches control company in London. So if you are looking for a Cockroaches control company in London please call us on for a no obligation free quote on

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